Check Aadhar Card Status, Get Adhar UID Status Enquiry Status Update & More

By | March 29, 2017

Aadhar is the new identity proof in India. Many people have already got their aadhar card and many are still enrolling. So we present this website for the people who want to check aadhar card status. There are two ways to check the aadhar status. We will get in details about it in this article. However before that I would like all to know what aadhaar card is and it’s importance. We will tell about the different ways of checking UID status.

Aadhar card status enquiry:

So now we will talk about the ways to check UID card status. One can check it regardless of internet connection. So you can check adhar card status online or offline. We will give the details of both the methods. However you need the enrollment slip to check the aadhar card online status. Check the list of requirement below.

  • EID
  • Registered phone number OR email address

These things are only necessary to check the status. EID is a 28 digit number. The first 14 digit of the number is printed in the acknowledgement slip as enrollment number. The last 14 digit is the combination of date and time on which the application was submitted.

Note: If you want to check the aadhar update status then click on the link.

If you do not have any of the above items, I recommend you to manage it first before proceeding further. So once you have the requirements check the steps given below. You get lost enrollment number online just follow the steps given here.

aadhar card status

Check aadhar card status online:

Online method of aadhaar status enquiry is very simple and easy. The biggest positive point is that it is free. While the offline method will cost standard SMS charge, browsing on internet is almost free. Keep you EID ready before adhar card status check. is the official website for aadhar enrollment status. Now check the steps below.

  1. Visit the official website of UIDAI as mentioned above.
  2. Search for “aadhaar status online”.
  3. Click on that link.
  4. Now you will see a new page asking for the enrollment number.
  5. First enter the 14 digit enrollment number.
  6. Next enter the date and time.
  7. Type the security code as shown after that.
  8. Finally click on adhar card status check.
  9. Now the status will appear on the screen.

You can check UID status as many times you want. It takes around 90 days to process and send the aadhar card. So we advise all to have some patience. Check only if the processing is taking longer than the stipulated time. Now let’s take a look at the offline method of uidai gov in enrollment status.

uid card status

Aadhaar uid card status by phone offline:

This method does not require internet. So it is called a offline method. However, this method requires a mobile phone to send SMS. So if you do not have internet you can still make aadhar card status enquiry. Check the procedure below.

Checking aadhar card application status by SMS is very easy. You just need to send message to 51969. Message format is given below.

Type à UID STATUS enrollment number à send to 51969.

If your enrollment number is 53697543200987. You message will look like UID STATUS 53697543200987.

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Aadhaar Card Importance:

The aadhaar card is a proof of indentity in India. The government has made Unique Identification Authority of India for this purpose. This organization is authorized to collect all the information and keep it. They issue the UIDAI card and aadhar number. Aadhaar number is a 12 digit number that gives unique number to each people. Every UID card holder has this number in it.

The unique number ensures that one person has only one number. UIDAI also stores the biometric information of the people. Fingerprints and iris scan details is stored with the aadhar number. Hence, one person cannot have two different aadhaar cards.

Furthermore, the government has started to link the adhar card with the voter id. Once all the cards are linked, fake voter ids will become history. This will help a lot in having a fair election. So people can choose their representative correctly.

Benefits from the UID card:

The government is trying to promote the use of aadhar card during registration. To achieve this, they give certain incentives to the people who link their adhar card. People who subscribe to LPG connection with the UID card will get subsidies directly to their bank account.

Passport application process becomes faster if you use aadhar card. There are many other subsidies and schemes that government provides. To avail them you need the adahr card. So if you do not have one and want to register it, we have aadhar card registration guide for you in this website.

Adhar Card Status Online:

So hope now you will not have any problem in checking UID card status. If you are still looking for help uidai gov in status, comment below. You can also download your adhar card once its processed. We have a detailed guide for that too on this website. So bookmark this website and visit our other pages for more information on aadhar card status.

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