Link Aadhaar Card with bank Account, Aadhar Card Seeding Guide

By | May 26, 2017

All the leading banks provide aadhaar seeding option on their website. So if you wish to link aadhaar with your bank account we can tell what you need to do exactly. The government has made aadhar card link to bank account mandatory. Every individual needs to update their adhar number with all the banks in which he/she have account. You can go to the bank and update your KYC information. The other way is to do so through internet banking from anywhere. We have guidelines for adhar card link on this page. So read the whole article to know more.

Link Aadhaar Number:

Almost all the Indian citizen have adhar card. Government wants people to get subsidy directly into their bank account.

Therefore, it decided to make the aadhar link necessary to all the bank account. In addition to the subsidies, government has many future plans which require the use of UID card.

So we hope you do not have any doubt behind the government’s rule of making the card mandatory in the bank accounts.

We will quickly discuss the benefits of this link before talking about how to link aadhar card with you bank account.

If you haven’t got you card yet. Hurry up and fill the aadhar card registration form. Click on the link to read the article on that.

link aadhaar card

Benefits of the link:

We will provide a glimpse of future plan of government here. There is more than one benefit if you link adhar card with your bank account.

Aadhaar Pay – Government has incorporated BHIM as a platform to make payments from multiple bank accounts. Now in the future they are planning to do same with the help of UID card. Soon one can make payment by just providing their fingerprint.

Bank portability – In the near future, if you are not satisfied with the services of your bank, you can change it and keep the account number also. Yes! Soon it will be possible.

UAN – People can receive the money from their UAN account to their bank account easily. If they have their card linked it will be more fast and easy.

Subsidies – People are already having their LPG subsidy amount in their bank account. Now they can do the same with all the other government schemes.

Step by step instruction for aadhaar card seeding:

Please note that this is possible only if you have netbanking with the bank. If you do not netbanking account, you have to visit the bank with the adhar card, pan and other documents.

If you have lost your card or it’s damaged, download aadhaar card here. Now follow the given instruction for linking.

  • Visit the netbanking site of your bank.
  • Next, login using your credentials.
  • After login you need to search for the seeding option.
  • Every bank has this in different place so look hard.
  • Next, enter your 12 digit aadhaar number in the space provided.
  • Authenticate the process with the OTP that you have received.

Now you just need to wait for few days. This process can take up to 7 days. Do this for all the bank account you have in different bank.

One can also check the status of seeding also. Aadhaar card link status, follow this link to know how.

Update KYC to link:

Those who do not have the netbanking facility need to fill the KYC form in the bank. You can visit any branch of your bank for this purpose.

We hope this article was helpful. If you still have any question on how to link aadhaar card, leave a comment below. Bookmark this website to get future help related to aadhaar card seeding.

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